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Review Of Larry Dossey’s Book  Title                             : The Extraordinary Healing                                       Power Of Ordinary Things : 14Natural Steps to Health and Happiness Writer                          : Larry Dossey, MD. Original Publisher      : Harmony Books, New York, 2006 Publisher in Indonesia: PT Serambi Ilmu Semesta                                           (IKAPI’s member), January 1th                                         2007 ISBN                           : 9979-1112-64-9 Chapter 1 : Optimism             This book tell us about the real things in front of our eyes, but we always ignored strength and capability that make our life to be better. Although these chapters often to discuss health issues specially, but there are discuss generally too.             Let's look at a new perception about the wonder and mysteries of the world, A surprising fact, Modern medicine sometimes unfriendly or hostile to a s