Book Photography

   When book lovers is falling in love to photography world. Initially, so often see the time line @thereadingroom_ ( +TheReadingRoom ) and basically I love book, library or anything about literature world, until I make my mini library at home, I call it is Pixie Hollow Library. for me, there is no friend as loyal as a book. Beside I'm book lovers, I interested with photography. and make me think why not take pictures with Book Photograpy theme. 

This is Anne of Green Gables novel, writen by Lucy. M. Montgomery, she is one of my favourite writer. I took this photo within sunshine to get the same atmospher as in the story, and I added my own homemade bookmark.

this is amazing novel about Dayak ethnic (my ethnic ^^) Recommended !!

If you like adventure, culture, and history u must reading this book. Ah-mazing !! make ur heart palpitate.

 Winter in Osaka, so romantic . I took this photo in Eid Mubarak, so much candies in my home, better to make it sweeter.

Rain in June, Collection poems by Sapardi Djoko Darmono, u must be who he is. The most favourite book in my library.


This is book from my best friend, so classic I love it, thanks sis ! :)

Pixie hollow library has 105 books, still a few, one day I will make it is bigger.